You can help BUILD THE FARM by making a multi-year pledge or a gift to fund one-time costs to build the new Farm Center at Pogonip consisting of our Administrative and Kitchen Building, a barn and greenhouses to triple the size of our current farm site.

Your three-year pledge can help us GROW OUR IMPACT. At our new larger farm site, we will serve more people who are experiencing homelessness, provide more volunteer opportunities for community members, and grow more organic food for those in need.

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Make a Leadership

Planting Seeds. Transforming Lives


Organic Acres

We’ll add 6.5 acres to grow orchards, perennial gardens and build support facilities


Job Training Capacity

We’ll be able to expand to 50 positions every year


Pounds of Fresh Organic Produce

Grown annually to feed
low-income local Santa Cruz county residents

Cathy Calfo – HGP Board President, Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Darrie Ganzhorn – HGP Executive Director

Support from Community Leaders

In 2012, after publication of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and In Defense of Food, I spent an afternoon at the Homeless Garden Project. While there, I participated in a trainee-led tour and sampled their delicious tomatoes. I met individuals transforming their lives and was impressed with the program’s success.

The Santa Cruz community is fortunate to have a successful and innovative program like this, helping individuals while working to positively impact food security with healthy organic produce. This comprehensive program provides counseling, education and training to build skills, confidence, self-esteem and discipline for successful re-entry to the job market.

-Michael Pollan, author and journalist